Upcoming Trips

Due to COVID-19, our 2020 mission trips have been postponed. Stay tuned for new opportunities beginning in 2021.

What to Expect


Once you have secured your spot on one of our teams, preparation begins! Expect to receive regular communication via email and/or Group Me from your trip leaders. This will include fundraising deadlines as well as information on packing lists, visa applications and mandatory rehearsals for dances, dramas and worship sets.

In the week prior to your trip, you will need to clear your schedule to participate in 8-10 hour days that will involve heavy rehearsals, discipleship training and team-building in the Orlando, Florida area. Transportation to and from Orlando is at the team member’s expense and not built into the cost of the trip.

Once in Orlando, out-of-town team members will be hosted by in-town team members’ families. During trip-prep week, breakfast will be provided the host family; lunch and dinner will be provided by 3D Missions.

3D Missions also utilizes Managed Missions, a mission trip management software, that organizes everything from mission applications, online donations, pertinent documents, and payment deadlines related to the trip.

During the Trip

Our teams will travel to and from the Orlando International Airport (MCO). While in our host nation, our itinerary is a combination of designated devotional times, humanitarian outreach, performing arts workshops and a performance schedule that may include schools, orphanages, churches and open air venues.


Our debrief is usually held on the final night of the trip and will help team members process their international experience as well as receive personal ministry. After the trip, we try to get the team together for a post-trip social gathering. We also encourage team members to stay connected through social media.


Women’s Ministry

3D Missions’ sister outreach, “Brave & Beautiful,” has reached over 15,000 young women on three different continents with a message of Godly purpose, identity, and love.

“Brave & Beautiful” is a universal message to women challenging them to pursue lives that are full of courage and character, while embracing their God-given femininity and developing Christ-centered inner beauty. Find out more by visiting our website at www.bebraveandbeautiful.net.


Santiago, Dominican Republic

“Seeing these girls learn dance and do it in pure, wholehearted worship is everything. This is my calling. Thank you Jesus!”
– Maddie Park

Zacapa, Guatemala

“I can honestly say this trip changed my life and the way I view it. We spent the week in Zacapa, “The hell of Guatemala”, where the heat was insane!

We sweated for six days straight traveling around to different schools, orphanages and churches sharing God’s word. We reached over 3,000 people in just one week. I have enough stories from this trip to tell for three days straight. The biggest thing I got out of this trip was how much of this life we take for granted. The people of Guatemala have absolutely nothing and have more joy than you could ever imagine. They have changed my life forever and inspired me in ways I can’t explain.”
– Chase Park

Nairobi, Kenya

“Two weeks ago I landed back on home soil from the greatest adventure I have ever been on. It’s truly amazing how it only takes one trip, one encounter, and one touch from the Lord to completely change your life.

I can’t seem to get over the relationships I made in Kenya in such a short time. They completely opened my eyes to what it means to selflessly serve one another. Our generation can come across so self-consumed. It’s as if we want our lives to make other people want our lives. We have completely forgotten what it means to INVEST in other things but ourselves. Like wholehearted, genuine, and supportive relationships that serve one another without expecting anything in return. The people of Nairobi International Church left a forever imprint on my heart as they have made it their priority to selflessly serve the Lord and each other. Their relationships are more than likes on a phone screen. They are life and family and sitting down over a cup of Kenyan tea. And I want this for my generation.”
– Michaela McLean

Oaxaca, Mexico

“This is Alejandro. He is the son of a pastor in Oaxaca, Mexico. When I met him for the first time, we connected instantly. He said something to me that has stuck with me ever since. In his Spanglish he said, “I have very little things, but I do have Jesus. I need no more.”

Those words impacted me more than he will ever know. As long as I have Jesus, what else do I need? Every night I pray for Alejandro and his awesome family. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll see him again!”
– Kiande Phillips

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“Dominican Republic has my heart forever. The people, the memories, and the messages of hope that we carried out will forever be written on my heart. The joy in this country is inexpressible. I am so humbled to have spent this quality time with these people.”
– Janeshka Nieves

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