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By sowing into the ministry of 3D Missions, you are helping anchor a movement that envisions and mobilizes today’s youth to live lives of excellence and outreach as they develop their performing arts talents for the Glory of God. In a world of conformity and political correctness, we are raising up a generation of young people who are unafraid of their Christian convictions and committed to living both intentionally and selflessly.

Looking forward, we will continue to expand and diversify our talent pipelines, as we raise up new performers and artists, passionate about creating art with a redemptive message. It is our mission to not only change culture through the arts, but also to change the culture of the arts. Your donation will help us expand the scope and reach of our current productions, pioneer meaningful international relationships and develop new stage works that will impact future audiences worldwide.

“3D Missions has completely turned my life around in so many ways. Growing up in a Christian home, I have always loved the Lord, but after these trips I have developed more than that: God has become my world and He has revealed a huge calling on my life for ministry.”

– Maddie Kuminka, performing arts missionary and Florida State University Golden Girl



Send Scouts

Send scouting teams that will open up and establish ministry opportunities in new international locations.

Assist Team Members

Assist team members who need help in reaching their fundraising goals.

Fund Leaders

Fund world-class choreographers, directors and instructors to travel with us to conduct performing arts workshops in our host nations.

Planned Giving

When you give regularly to 3D Missions, we consider you a partner of this ministry and its vision of taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations through the performing arts.

Monthly gifts of $25, $50, $75 or $100 enable us to grow our ministry. These resources will be used to run the organization, develop new international partnerships, train our performing arts missionaries and educate new performing artists in our host nations.

In return, you’ll have “backstage access” to all our latest news and creative projects.

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